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Frequently Asked Questions For Nonprofits

What is is an online resource of The Bermuda Community Foundation created to inform, empower and enrich charitable giving in Bermuda – benefiting donors, nonprofits and the community at large. furthers the cause of philanthropy in our region by promoting nonprofit transparency and putting nonprofit information at the fingertips of community members in an easy-to-use, searchable online database. contains detailed profiles of local nonprofit organizations, and is FREE to nonprofits and public users who register before March 31, 2017. After March 31, 2017, nonprofits will pay a one-time registration and setup fee of $150.

What is is powered by GuideStar. GuideStar connects people and organizations with information on the programs and finances of more than 1.9 million IRS-recognized nonprofits. Guidestar has adapted its platform to serve Bermuda's philanthropic needs, at the request of the Bermuda Community Foundation. GuideStar serves a wide audience inside and outside the nonprofit sector, including individual donors, nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, government officials, academic researchers, and the media. GuideStar is revolutionizing philanthropy and nonprofit practice by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.

What is a Profile?

Today’s donor wants accessible information in order to make strategic giving decisions. profiles are designed to offer a wealth of information so donors can give with confidence. On, you can FIND detailed programmatic, operational and financial information on local nonprofits, programmes and donor funds at BCF. LEARN about emerging issues facing Bermuda communities, and GIVE directly to the nonprofit(s) of your choice with a secure online donation.

Where does the information come from? profile information is provided on a voluntary basis by area nonprofits. Over time, BCF staff will verify the information including financial data (which is obtained from financial statements), and Bermuda Government compliance. Profiles are updated at least once annually by the organization; if an organization lapses, their profile will be marked as “Declined to Update.”

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Information provided in the financial charts and graphs is entered by staff. BCF receives financial documents from nonprofits. Our staff analyzes these official financial documents and enters financial figures to the site. Original financial documents are available to the public on for download. A nonprofit’s ED/CEO has an opportunity to comment in the financial section; these comments can be helpful in understanding nuanced financial trends and changes within an organization.

Does endorse organizations? does not endorse or recommend nonprofit organizations.

What does the Reviewed icon mean?

The Reviewed icon indicates a nonprofit’s profile is complete and has been updated within the last year. Reviewed profiles have been reviewed by staff to ensure that financial information is consistent with official documents (audited or unaudited financial statements). If a nonprofit has not updated key required sections within the last year, the profile is marked as “Declined to Update.”

Does guarantee the accuracy of data?

The narrative information in each profile is provided voluntarily by the nonprofit. does not guarantee the accuracy of any such data, make any representations or warranties with regard to nonprofits in the database, or guarantee they are in compliance with all state and federal requirements. However, does seek to include the most accurate data available through document verification and a due diligence process.

Why are some nonprofits not included? generally profiles registered nonprofits or project funds at BCF autherized to raise money in Bermuda. does not profile religious organizations operating for religious purposes (i.e. churches, synagogues, mosques). In some instances, programs that are operating within a church but are serving the community outside of the congregation are eligible to be profiled on These situations are handled on a case by case basis.

What fees are associated with donations made through

All online donations are handled by Embolden and processed by First Data Global Gateway Services. Some fees are assessed from each gift by payment processors and vendors, i.e. banks. Donors can get information on fees here and are given the option to donate an additional amount to cover these costs:

  • 5% of each gift is assessed for credit card processing fees charged to defray all 3rd party charges and administration costs.
How do I receive donations made via

Donations received through an agency’s profile are reflected in the monthly Donation Reports available on each organization's private Nonprofit Homepage (which can be accessed by logging into your nonprofit account), and are posted at the beginning of each new month. Reports include gift amounts, special instructions, and donor contact information, unless the donor has chosen to give anonymously. Checks, once approved, include the aggregated amount for the previous month and are mailed to agencies on a monthly basis.

BCF confirms receipt of funds, verifies the charitable status of the proposed recipient and performs any other due diligence required. BCF will then send gift acknowledgement letters to Donors and Grant Confirmation letters to Grantees. Upon receipt of the signed Grant Confirmation letter and payment deatils form, a payment will be made via online bank tranfer. If the Grantee is a fund at BCF, fund representatives may logon to DonorCentral to view current and hitoric account activity, as well as view the quarterly fund statement. 

Can I print a profile?

Yes, visit any public nonprofit profile on and click the “View Printable Profile” or “View Printable Summary” buttons to create a printer-friendly pdf file of the nonprofits profile information. The Printable Profile can easily be saved, shared or printed with the click of a button.

Why are there fields that I cannot edit in the profile?

Some fields are only editable by staff. These include Employee Identification Number (EIN), year of incorporation, grant address and CEO compensation. It is also only staff who can delete financial documents from the Financials page of the profile. Contact your coach if you need assistance with any of these fields or documents.

How do I submit changes so that they can be published by

When you have completed all the profile changes you wish to make, click the “Review and Submit” button followed by the “Send to Foundation” button. By clicking the “Send to Foundation” button, your changes will be placed in a queue that is reviewed by staff. It is policy to review and publish profile changes in the order they were submitted. Changes are generally published within 10 business days of submission. Publishing times may vary depending on the volume of profiles to be reviewed.