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Research Tips

Nonprofit profiles on contain a significant amount of information. When looking at a profile for the first time, here are some questions to consider:

Mission and Areas Served

  • Mission Statement
    • What does this nonprofit seek to accomplish?
  • Impact Statement
    • How is this organization having an impact on the community?
  • Background Statement
    • What is the history of the organization?
  • Needs Statement
    • What are the immediate needs of this organization?


  • What programs and/or services does this organization offer?
  • How much money does each program need to operate?
  • What are some examples of how this program has been successful?
  • What kind of impact are these programs having? How is success measured?


  • Who provides staff leadership for this organization?
  • How many full-time and part-time staff does the organization have?
  • How many volunteers do they utilize to accomplish their work?
  • Are the necessary policies/plans in place for this organization to be effective both now and in the future?
  • Does this organization collaborate with other organization in the region to collectively address issues affecting our community?


  • Who serves on this organization’s board of directors? What companies/professions do they represent?
  • How active and engaged is the board?
  • Is the composition of the board reflective of the population that the organization serves?
  • How long does a board member term last?
  • Does the board support the organization financially?


  • What is the organization’s budget size?
  • Does the organization rely heavily on a single funding source for its revenue or are there a variety of funding sources that collectively help meet the budget goals annually?
  • Does the organization have an endowment?
  • Is the organization currently in a capital campaign?
  • Has the organization consistently received revenue over expenses for the last three years?
  • PLEASE NOTE: the CEO Financial Comments and, Financial Comments often provide additional information about the organization’s financial situation that cannot be expressed in the charts and graphs.