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About the Bermuda Community Foundation (BCF)

BCF supports donors on a path to developing their philanthropic visions. BCF is the host of Through, donors can make charitable contributions to nonprofits tackling issues they care about.

Established in early 2013 as a company limited by guarantee with charitable and philanthropic objects, the Bermuda Community Foundation (BCF or “the foundation”) is a registered Bermuda charity (948). Its purpose is to act as a grant-making organisation made up of funds that have been established by individuals, families and businesses to:

  • Establish a permanent asset base for public benefit, in the form of an endowment
  • Pool, steward and deploy donations from a variety of donors
  • Facilitate grants from donors with a connection to Bermuda, to non-profits, causes and public institutions, from arts and education to health and community services that serve the Island’s residents

Over time, we at BCF hope that seeing the collective impact of one-off and spontaneous donations will inspire donors to create a fund to support causes most important to them in the long term, including the development and support for the infrastructure that supports the growth of philanthropy.

Funds at BCF from different donors are then aggregated and managed to achieve greater returns. This makes it possible for smaller individual funds to enjoy the same economies of scale as a large foundation.

To see the types of funds you can establish at BCF visit Funds at BCF.

To give to a fund at BCF, click here.

Do you care about social issues but are happy to let BCF allocate your donation to an area of great need click here.