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About Certification and Accreditation

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Bermuda National Standards Certification and Accreditation:

  • The Bermuda National Standards Committee (BNSC) operates a certification process under the direction of the BNSC Certification Board (BNSC-CB).
    The purpose of certification is to help charities and other private organizations that are seeking government and/or community funds to demonstrate through compliance with a set of internationally recognized standards of practice that they are effectively and efficiently operating. Click here for more details.
  • BNSC certified or accredited nonprofits have demonstrated a high level of operational and programatic management. Support them!


Other National Certification or Accreditation specific to core competencies:

  • Click here for further details.
  • The Bermuda Community Foundation (BCF) has been awarded top marks for its performance by the United Kingdom’s highest standard for philanthropic excellence, UKCF Quality Accreditation Programme (QA3). The programme establishes legal, ethical, and effective practices for community foundations everywhere.

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